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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What The Top MCA / Motor Club of America Producers Won't Tell You When You Sign Up! PLEASE READ. Scam Exposed!

Hey guys It's me Thomas again, Top MCA Sales associate in San Antonio Texas, just checking in. Sorry its been a while since my latest post but I wanted to inform you guys of a serious problem that many MCA Sponsors are having with their associates.

Thinking about signing up with MCA.. You need to read below.

Many people join MCA thinking, "oh im gonna make so much money as soon as I start".. Or, "Man as soon as I start, I'm gonna be making THOUSANDS weekly!" ... And whats worse is that most MCA sponsors tell them that they WILL, and make many false promises for someone doing on-line sales for the first time, also telling them that they will help you and provide personal training. If you've talked to another MCA sponsor and they told you this without explaining anything to you, leave them and don't listen to them again. Reason being, people like that are only interested in one thing.. Making money by screwing people over and ditching them once they sign up.

The truth is, wont come fresh out the gate and make stacks with MCA in your first week, but there IS an exception. I will get to this later. But back to my statement, I mean it people, you don't just get into a business you don't really know about and then suddenly, you're rolling in the dough as soon as joining.. This is MLM guys, it takes time and EFFORT to make the money you see on YouTube and Facebook. Some would say it takes money to make money, for some thats true, for others its not, its what you're used too and what works that makes you money. It takes a certain person to make money with MCA from the get go, but they ARE out there. Now whether its you or not is ALL up to you and the time you put into it.


When I joined MCA in November of 2012 I didn't get any sign-ups until my second week with MCA because I didn't do crap for the first week no lie. My second week I got 3 people to join from only 2 Craigslist posts in the San Angelo area of Texas that I made at the beginning of that week. I got a $240 direct deposit payment from MCA that next Friday. It DOES work people, but like I said, if you are not willing to put your effort into it and actually learn the product that your selling, you're not going to go anywhere with MCA. Its just the hard truth yall.

Im living proof, I made a YouTube video for MCA last year and from that video alone I have made over 60 sign-ups from that video ! And truthfully, I would make some more but hey, I'm a guy.. I'm lazy sometimes, plus I work a lot as well. I sell at a car dealership over here in San Antonio and also security at night so you can say that I'm a pretty hard worker. But when I do have time I use it just for promoting my MCA business on-line. If I had time to go door to door, or pass out flyer's I would, but when I'm on my off days do you think thats what I really want to be doing?? NOPE lol. But if I did, I'm positive that I would be making a lot more money with MCA. But if you are willing to do off-line marketing and advertising for MCA I will teach you how to do it once you sign up and also provide you with training and marketing material for off-line promoting in-case thats the route you want to go with. Many make tons of money by just doing it on-line though, but like I said its all up to you what 'floats your boat'.

I have over a year of sales experience ranging from car sales, selling DirecTV, selling Scotts Lawn Service, and also almost 2 years of on-line marketing and affiliate marketing experience, so you can say that I know quite a bit about sales whether it be on-line or off-line. Now I'm not saying that I'm a sales guru, just saying that I have a bit more to offer than most MCA sponsors do when they sign up people, and I would love to share it with you.

But I need SERIOUS people on my team, you can be as lazy as you want just like me but Im expecting AT LEAST a few hours a week from you to promote MCA. If you aren't interested in making quick money for only a few hours of work then don't bother.. I'm talking about $80 through $320+ for just working 2+ hours a week! If done correctly then you will be banking and making some good side money. But if you are interested in doing this FULL TIME, then man oh man.. you're looking into making CHINGOS (ALOT) of money yall! I know guys that do this full time and make $1500+ weekly for doing on-line and off-line advertising. Its too easy yall, now what are you waiting for?!

Sign up with me today and see why MCA is the opportunity you've been waiting for for years!