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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Motor Club of America (MCA) Opportunity

In retrospect to the hype surrounding the Motor Club of America in partnership with TVC Matrix has placed together a very lucrative compensation program that doubles each member associate referred payout every single week. At the present the Motor Club of America has exploded on the network marketing scene, particularly due to the reality that the Motor Club of America for the first time in its 86 year existence implemented an “Associate Referral Program.” This unique opportunity at present is one of the most profitable compensation plans within the auto club membership benefits industry.
Motor Club of America
Motor Club of America does NOT assess a fee to be converted into an Associate Partner within the MCA associate referral program; and this in itself indicates that the business model used by the Motor Club of America and TVC is legitimate. When a future MCA member acquires a Total Security Member Benefits package they merely prepay for 2 months at less than $20.00 which is only $40 and then the cost for retaining the Total Security Member Benefits package is only $19.95 per month. This detail should also signify that there is NO cost associated with becoming an MCA referral business associate.
When MCA member shares their opportunity and explain the membership benefits deal with anyone, Motor Club of America will reimburse the associate member double. If an MCA member distributes the member benefits package with somebody, and they come to decisions to take advantage of the MCA package, and buys a Motor Club of America “Total Security Plan” by simply prepaying for two months at $40 the MCA member who referred that person to the opportunity will receive a check from MCA for $80 in the week following by direct deposit.
MCA has formed a lot of exciting “buzz” since this is the only compensation plan of it type within the network marketing industry. You may be inquiring to yourself, “how MCA can offer such a great reimbursement plan without running out of money”, the answer is this… Motor Club of America has around in operation for roughly 86 years since 1926 which suggest that it is well appreciated, and has built confidence within the industry. They have done their homework in knowing that members keep their memberships for well over 2 months due to the array of benefits being offered at an affordable price ($19.95 per month) that fits everyone’s budget.
In conclusion Motor Club of America is NOT “hype”, and it’s most certainly NOT a scam. MCA has been about business enterprise for a long time and has earned its trusted name on excellence, affordability, solid effort, and has come through for its members for close to 100 years. Obtain your “Motor Club of AmericaMCA Total Security Plan, and double your wealth by next week by basically distributing your membership benefits with everyone you come in contact with online, and off by visiting the link below:
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