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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The importance of your Motor Club of America (MCA) leads

I believe in qualifying leads! What I mean by this if you get people to join your program by promoting it as a JOB. They will treat it like a job.
Promote it as a business and people will treat it like a business! When people own their own business, the worst thing and last thing they want is for it to go out of business.


When they have the job mentality in network marketing and they do not produce. they come in thinking man I seen that check so and so made, they said they do this every week. So where is my pay check? Which is why 98% of people in this industry fail.
It takes time to build a network. I wish I could say this is going to make everybody rich right away. In reality it takes time it is more of a marathon than sprint.
Set some goals. Make a list of goals you want to meet. Get up every morning and tell yourself. I want to get five no’s from prospects. Somedays it may be hard to do that. people will say yeah that sounds good where do I sign up?
Really what I am trying to say it is important to qualify leads. Do not sign everyone up because when they do not produce it hurts you when they drop out.
This is network marketing and the mlm industry! This is where normal people are made millionaires. Trust me though it was not from just signing everyone up they talked to though.
It was through networking and building teams. You have to learn the system then teach the system. When they make money you make money.
I know not everyone has the time or ability to generate well targeted leads. That is where lead brokers come in.
You do not want to just use any of these though. You need to qualify them as well look for brokers who do not sell leads to others in the same program. Make sure leads are current and not aged. Ask them for a test amount. Set up auto responders call the leads treat them like they did visit your site.
You can find fresh targeted mlm leads from companies that use capture pages.
I’m telling you guys this is how the pros do it!
Please see the rest of my posts I have discussed one company I use with success.
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