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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Reasons To Join Motor Club of America Now. The MCA Reality

I am going to begin to explain why anyone should consider joining Motor Club of America and become a business owner so they can work pt/ft from home. 

I am not going to even touch on the advantages or the value of the discount membership services provided by MCA in this brief article. My focus is on how the working employed, unemployed and the under employed in America can benefit from the legitimate write offs and tax savings the Internal Revenue Service allow for small business owners. Just by maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America your monthly membership fees are tax deduct able when you become an MCA associate member. According to Forbes magazine: [quote] Americans fork over an average of 35.2% of their income paying taxes.[end quote] That means every year sometime in May you will complete giving everything you earn year-to-date, to the various government tax agencies. After that you actually start to pocket some of your own earnings. Could you imagine? January through May? Everything? Do you know the number one thing that you can do to keep more of your hard-earned money this year? Start your own home business. Most people are not aware that by having a home business that they are entitled to substantial tax deductions. This could make a significant difference in your lifestyle even without increasing overall income. Go to the website and do some research on your own, I know you will be amazed.
Once you factor in tax savings of being a small business owner and maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America plus all the value of our life assurance services we know you will want to share this information with other people. This is why MCA pays their associates the high level of commissions and direct deposits your earnings weekly or you may request a check for all your new business sales. It's no secret that the cost of living increases for the employed people of America have not kept up with the cost of inflation. Every time you spend money on the necessities families need like gas, food, mortgage payments and utilities we all get the unsettling reminder that it just costs more to live these days. Here is another prime reason for using an automated marketing system to promote Motor Club of America online and develop a second income plus get legitimate business write offs on the things you already spend money on like your mortgage, auto expenses and utilities, etc.

In summary maintaining your membership with Motor Club of America allows you as a business owner tax deductions employees will never be allowed to write off. Using our automated marketing system to promote your MCA business online will help you develop an additional income paid weekly for all new sales submitted by midnight Saturday deposited directly in your bank or mailed the following Friday. Weekly pay without a second job, no cold calling or hard sales techniques involved with our automated marketing system. For those members who join Motor Club of America at the Gold or Platinum level receive additional discount benefits plus a monthly loyalty rewards bonus check sent to you monthly with absolutely no sales requirements necessary to qualify. Gold and Platinum MCA membership comes with bonus rewards that will earn you thousands of dollars paid out monthly.


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