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Saturday, November 10, 2012

MCA/TVC Paycheck Nation Capture page or Personal MCA Website? What works for you?

So in case you didn't know, MCA/TVC has numerous links for custom websites and capture pages, from Automated Success Team, to numerous free capture pages, to flat out sign up now pages.
All of these are great when it comes to conversion and sign ups but not everyone is right for certain people.

You see lets say you have a Motor Club of America website up for 2 weeks like mine and you're getting leads, but all in all your conversion ratio is low.. You cant just blame that on the website or capture page, the way it works is that if you aren't comfortable promoting that certain page and don't really know how to promote it well when you talk to people, then that page or website probably isn't the best website for you to work off of. It all just depends on you.

Example #2, You are using the free capture pages for your MCA/TVC business, and you're not getting enough leads but the leads that are signing up end up in actual MCA sign ups.. Do you see where I'm getting at. It doesn't just have to be the website, its how you work, what works for you, and what you feel comfortable with.

So my suggestion is to not give up on MCA because one of the capture pages or websites you're using for your business isn't working.. It just means you have to drop that one and try something else while also maybe changing the way you promote your capture page or website to the masses.

One of the best products and capture pages I have used so far for MCA is Paycheck Nation. This website includes everything and anything a customer needs to know about MCA and also shows each plan to its fullest including Matrix presentations and income potential. I've been using this MCA lead capture page system for a few months already and my sales have increased DRAMATICALLY! Plus they have it so when someone fills out their information, it goes straight to your email inbox so you can follow up with them and make the sale.. $$$

Plus it includes training from the Paycheck Nation training site that'll help increase your conversions in Motor Club of America as well as pre-written ads and pictures for posting in social media outlets, making your life a whole lot easier.. They also have their own Facebook group for any customer service needs, questions, help, and anything else you can think of.. Pretty good stuff huh, and guess what... IT'S ONLY $20 A MONTH!! Can't beat it!

Just a little word of advise to you, the future business leaders of the world.

To your success,
Thomas Price, Owner of  the Motor Club of America San Antonio, AST (Automated Success Team)
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